The Twilight’s Hammer Campaign
160px twilights hammer crest

Shortly after The Wartorn Order acquired the assistance of exiled Twilight Hammer Clan Orc Farseer Graea The Spiritmender, it seemed that many questions previously unanswered were now having answers found for them.. Perhaps a little too well.

So well that the Farseer disappeared on her way to Alterac Valley to commune among the other Farseers. With little evidence left behind to point the Wartorn Order in the right direction, all clues and trails seem to lead to the Twilight Council.

Whether it is an old grudge against the Farseer or a personal vendetta for clearing one too many misconceptions, these are now the real questions as the Wartorn Order continues to trace the steps of the Twilight Council and find the Farseer who seemed to answer one question too many.

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Twilight's Hammer Arc