Twilight's Hammer Arc

Into Blackrock Mountain

Into Blackrock Mountain..

High Overlord Genjuroh Bloodblade begun to suspect that blademaster Joushirou the Stonecleaver was becoming far too inquisitive for his liking. Leading to the inevitable show-down between High Overlord Genjuroh Bloodblade and Joushirou Stonecleaver. The battle between the blademasters ultimately ended in Genjuroh’s defeat, surviving only through the fel-forging ritual earlier bestowed on him by The Soulrender. Consequently, Stonecleaver assumed the role of High Overlord following Genjuroh’s defeat.

With the fued between the blademasters quelled for now, Stonecleaver set his focus back on locating the Farseer..
As Demyse the Soulrender had promised, she provided The Wartorn Order with a relatively reliable lead to follow the Twilight’s Hammer. After The Soulrender and High Overlord Joushirou investigated Blackfathom Depths, they jointly acquired intel which directed the Wartorn Order to investigate Blackrock Mountain..

The Wartorn Order mobilised their units, Arch Druid Wetona lead the intel scouting surrounding the Blackrock Mountain while Demyse The Soulrender assembled her own team and perused the literature lying much deeper inside..


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